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Top Guitar Solos of All Time

Guitar Solos: A guitar solo is a passage, section or an entire piece of music written for classical guitar, Electric guitar, lead guitar, etc. There are many guitar solos played in the world, and different people have different taste and prefer different guitar solos over the other. We cannot say that one guitar solo is better than the other, it...

Top 5 Most Admired Guitarists

Brilliantly Designed Instrument: Music is something which is enjoyed by everyone. There are a lot of ways in which music is created and appreciated. There are many musical instruments which give you beautiful sounds and music. The guitar is one such tool brilliantly designed to produce music. Many types of guitars available in the musical stores. There is the rhythm...

Martin Werner

Martin Werner studied jazz guitar with diploma at the Universities of the Arts in the Netherlands (Arnhem and Amsterdam) and afterwards he received workshops and masterclasses with Pat Metheny. As a musician, he has been a guest in the musicals TANZ DER VAMPIRE and MAMMA MIA as well as at FILMORCHESTER BABELSBERG.